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4 Halloween Trends for a Spooktacular Soiree in 2021

4 Halloween Trends for a Spooktacular Soiree in 2021

It’s time to add a little pumpkin spice to your Halloween party this year where you can eat, drink and be scary!

Here are our top trends for hosting the most epic event on October 31.


  1. Halloween Country Fair

This is definitely a day-time, child friendly party!

Step right up and channel the spirit of the annual fair with some pimped out pumpkin games. And you’ll need a trailer load of pumpkins for these:

-Bean bag toss: Carve out a pumpkin face but with an abnormally larger mouth (like the clown faces you see with the big mouths)  and throw the bean bag into the pumpkins mouths as the target.

-Pumpkin bowls: Using 8 tall butternut pumpkins, roll a smaller, round pumpkin to bowl them over.

-Ring toss: Using butternut squash and plastic rings.

Maybe even get Chucky the Clown to do a guest appearance! Too far? Probably.


  1. Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are super fun at any time of the year, so imagine where you can take this trend on Halloween!

You can make one of your guests the murderer and one of your guests the victim. And to keep things interesting, you could ‘kill off’ more guests the longer it takes for them to figure out who was the murderer. You can be super creative with spooky eats – maybe even little edible tombstones for your guests.


  1. Outdoor Hallo-scream Movie Night

The Shining or Paranormal Activity, perhaps? Rig up your own backyard (or your living room if you have a white wall big enough) like a drive-in cinema. If you don’t have a projector, you can make your own screen using a white sheet. If you’re in a town where the pandemic is still rife, this is the perfect event to socially distance.

Then there’s movie food. Think popcorn with sour worms scattered throughout or red jelly with candy eye balls. You’ll have your guests saying bone Appetit in no time!

Everyone loves going to the drive-ins, so bringing one to your backyard would be even better.


  1. Zombie Prom After Party

It’s a prom, but for adults only. This is perfect for those friends who only ever come for the boos – see what we did there? Create your own Vampires Brew or Witches Stew and ask each guest to bring an ingredient.

Each guest should come dressed up in a prom style outfit, but zombified. Think ripped ball gowns and bloodied hair!


There you have our top trends for Halloween 2021! Which one will you pick?


Till next time,

Bugs and hisses xoxo